Individual Certification Training Program
A 40 hour program designed to meet the International Feng Shui Guild certification standards and guidelines and more!

I open my space and heart to you…allowing you to move through this program in a way that suits your needs. To be a professional, you must learn to walk your talk. We will take time to talk about you. I will share case studies and personal experiences. I have compiled years of notes and resources into a resource book that will be our guide, as well as share some really cool tools I have created that will enhance both your private and professional feng shui expression. It’s an incredible journey that is unique to you.

Call (801) 573-1163 or email so we can chat about any questions you may have. I look forward to meeting you!

Your tuition includes 40 hours one-on-one training, plus 1 year of continued mentorship, with Tina, and these course materials: Practitioner’s Resource Book, Feng Shui Compass Guide, and Annual Feng Shui book.


  • History of Feng Shui
  • Chi


  • Element Cycle
  • Elements Yin/Yang
  • Element Characteristics
  • Career Elements


  • Zodiac Wheel
  • Animal Characteristics

4 Pillars Chinese Astrology

  • Four Pillar Template
  • Day Master Cycle
  • Eight Mansions – Ming Gua (Kua)
  • 10 Year Luck Pillars
  • Clashes

Form School

  • Four Celestial Creatures
  • Geomancy

Compass School

  • Compass
  • Bagua Map
  • Flying Stars

BTB – Black Sect Tibetan Tantric Buddhist

  • Sector Design Treatments
  • Yin vs Yang Design Elements
  • Room Layouts
  • Three Secret Reinforcements
  • Red Envelope Method

Space Clearing

  • Om Mani Padme Hum/Prayer/Intent
  • Reasons To Do a Space Clearing
  • Space Clearing Methods


  • Esoteric Symbols
  • Traditional Chinese Cures

Doing Business

  • Your Space (questionnaire)
  • Life Check – Things to Consider
  • Creating and Building Your Business

In the Field

  • Business Sense
  • Client Interviews/Disclaimer
  • Shadow Your Teacher
  • Field Trip to Student’s Home
  • 1 Personal Case Study (Student’s Choice)
  • 1 Business Study (Student’s Choice)
  • Homework
  • Final Written Assessment