Saturdays  9am-4pm
Next class begins March 4, 2017
Mar 4, 11, 18, 25, Apr 8, and 22
plus 2 hours one-on-one time with Tina
and continued mentorship for 1 year

centrally located in the Salt Lake Valley

includes: 80-page feng shui binder,
compass guide, 2017 Yin Fire Rooster Prophecy and Predictions
book by Mary Shurtleff ($125 total value)

upon completion of class time,
on-site work, and final assessment,
you will be able to conduct
professional business as a
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner.

$97 deposit by Thursday, February 23, 2017
Non-refundable deposit applied towards tuition.
Class size is small. Sign up Now!

A Personal Message from Tina (below)…

DAY 1:

  • History of Feng Shui
  • Chi
  • Yin/Yang

5 Elements

  • Element Cycle
  • Elements Yin/Yang
  • Element Characteristics
  • Career Elements


  • Zodiac Wheel
  • Animal Characteristics

DAY 2:
4 Pillar Chinese Astrology

  • Four Pillar Profile Template
  • Day Master Cycle
  • Eight Mansions – Ming Gua (Kua)
  • 10 Year Luck Pillars
  • Clashes

DAY 3:
4 Pillar Chinese Astrology

  • Chart practice and reviews


  • Four Celestial Earth Guardians
  • Geomancy

DAY 4:
Compass School

  • Compass
  • Bagua Map
  • Flying Stars

DAY 5:
BTB – Black Sect Tibetan Tantric Buddhist

  • Sector Design Treatments
  • Yin vs Yang Design Elements
  • Room Layouts
  • Three Secret Reinforcements
  • Red Envelope Method

Space Clearing

  • Om Mani Padme Hum/Prayer/Intent
  • Reasons To Do a Space Clearing
  • Space Clearing Methods


  • Esoteric Symbols
  • Traditional Chinese Cures

DAY 6:
Doing Business

  • Your Space (questionnaire)
  • Life Check – Things to Consider
  • Business Sense
  • Creating and Building Your Business

Final Assessment

  • Final Test
  • Must shadow teacher on one consultation, complete one (1) home consultation/case study, and one (1) business consultation/case study to complete certification process.   Note: there will be homework

Tina Falk, BFA-VC, CFSP,
L.I.F.E Master

A Personal Message from Tina

Thank you for showing interest in the feng shui arts and sciences—you’re here, after all, aren’t you?  😉  I would be thrilled to have you in my class. I understand it is a big commitment—but it is an important one—because it is all about YOU! I promise to make the same commitment to you. I have over 20 years of study, as well as personal and professional experience to support an extremely well-rounded training program.

Please feel free to reach out to any of the graduates on the VIA Grads page to discover more about their experience. I have allowed some personal one-on-one time with you during the program that you can use however you wish, then I will continue to mentor you through the next year to assist in anyway I can. To this day, I still reach out to my Feng Shui Master and colleagues as challenging situations come up.

I think one of the greatest gifts I get from teaching is what I learn in return, as I’m sure you come with some experiences and knowledge that will inspire and challenge me. I am just an email or phone call away. I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about this program. Or maybe you know this is exactly what you have been looking for and are ready to hit that “Add to Cart” button right now!!  Either way, I look forward to meeting you. I am excited and trust we’ll have a truly great journey together!