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I am Tina. I am so thrilled to present and highlight some aspects of my life that excite me and bring me joy! Feel free to look around, there are many layers to see. Who knows, you might be inspired to start that project, make a change, or reconnect with an old idea.

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Tina Falk, BFA-VC, CFSP

BFA-Visual Communications,
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

My diverse educational and professional experience is unique, all seeming to interweave quite beautifully. The creative process, combined with the understanding and interpretation of subtle, and not so subtle, energies of our inner and outer worlds are very intriguing to me. These processes play key roles not only in my teaching, but also the manner in which I run my businesses and projects, live my life and raise my children.

My formal studies started in Minneapolis, Minnesota where, for four years, I enthusiastically took on the role of the “starving art student”. Here, I was exposed to not only intense days and nights of conceptual and methodology-based processes, but was thrown into a world rich in creativity, imagination, and passion.

Over the years, certain individual’s, whom I refer to as Master’s, have shown up in my life. These moments turned into years of studying, practicing, and being. I leaped at the opportunities provided to me to learn and experience as much as I could.

My teaching experience ranges from one-on-one enrichment in the public elementary school forum, creating experiential curriculum for elementary and middle school-aged Montessorians, sharing in expressive workshops for teachers at annual Utah Montessori Conferences, teaching Feng Shui for Health at the University of Utah for the Health and Education Department, to ongoing intensive workshops covering the Five Element Theory, Four Pillars of Destiny and the Bagua.

My day job. I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design in 1992. I have been a professional Graphic Designer ever since. I have been self-employed for over 16 years working with clients that fill the spectrum from small start-ups to the “big guys”. I feel blessed to have this creative outlet and to have built these long-term professional relationships.

Creativity flows through everything I do. I am an open book. I love to share. I always look for a better more effective way. I seek the gift in everything. I am compassion. I am a lover of humanity and am intrigued by the choices we make. I am excited about life, in a laid-back sort-of way. And, I am a champion of our children’s inherent wisdom and vision.

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My entire experience with Design Wisdom School has been incredible. The classes are intimate, thought provoking and full of information, guidance and expertise. Tina is an amazing teacher. She is kind, patient and encouraging. She is tapped into this ancient wisdom in ways that cannot be taught in a textbook and she shares it as relevant to the student(s), the time and the experience. I've learned things and grown in ways I never even dreamed of and feel completely confident in using my knowledge to work with clients. Katie Fehr
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Tina Falk
Utah's Salt Lake Valley

Member of the
International Feng Shui Guild

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