Landform is the original Feng Shui. How your home or business sits on the property, in relation to surrounding natural and man-made structures, will determine the overall well-being of your life and success of your business.
Classical Feng Shui uses ancient philosophies that are rooted in science and astronomy. Integrated tools are the compass, Eight Mansions, Flying Stars, I-Ching, Yin/Yang and the 5 Element theory.
Black Sect Tantric Buddhism (BTB) is the contemporary perspective of Feng Shui. Esoteric recommendations, prayer and intention are key players in the success of this modality.
4 Pillars of Destiny (Bazi) is a unique look into your astrological birth imprint. Using this tool allows your Feng Shui experience to be personalized just for you! Did you know your have 4 of the Chinese Zodiac animals in your chart?
Layering all of these perspectives creates a comprehensive eye-opening and soul inspiring Feng Shui experience! You have created the space you live in... are you ready for a change?!

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I'm Tina Falk, the founder of VIA Feng Shui. Within these pages, I hope you'll find inspiration and invitations to explore how energy flows in your life and in your space. I'd love the opportunity to share how to bring more free flowing and balanced energy into your world.

A straightforward explanation of how the Chinese 5 Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) interact with one another, via the Generation/Creative, Degeneration/Destructive and Controlling Cycles.

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